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Let’s Stay Active Together. #fitivstrong

Use the #FITIVStrong hashtag to tag your posts on Instagram. Tag and engage your friends. Motivate and encourage your peers. Now is the time to stay strong and connected to each other.

At FITIV we understand that doing your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in your community can negatively impact your fitness routine. While we are practicing self-isolation and social distancing and observing the closures of gyms and facilities globally, it can be harder than ever to motivate yourself to stay active.

In these uncertain times it is particularly important to foster community, encourage one another, and connect with your fellow athletes. We want to help keep you strong and healthy however we can. That is why we are encouraging our FITIV Users to participate in the broader fitness community through social media.

Through community action and awareness we can get through this. Follow @fitivapp on social media for more updates about how we are helping our users stay active from home.

Stay safe.

- The FITIV Team


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Try an at home workout posted by FITIV. Take the dog for a walk. Go for a jog with your kids. This is the time to move, play, and keep strong.


Home Workout Video Series

Need some workouts? We've partnered with Peak Fitness to deliver you workouts videos you can try at home!