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Your Fitness Studio Quarantine Solution

Keep your studio members engaged and motivated with FITIV Pulse for iOS and Android.

  • Motivate your members with group leaderboards and group challenges.
  • Create in-app groups to keep track of member progress and engage with them.
  • FITV Pulse is compatible with iOS, Android and bluetooth wearable devices.


FITIV Pulse is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well as Bluetooth heart rate monitors and smartwatches from a variety of brands.

  Monitors from fitness studios like Orange Theory Fitness and F45 are compatible with FITIV as well, allowing you to track the home workouts from these studios at home. FITIV Pulse easily connects to the devices you already use to provide you with the most seamless workout experience possible. Sync up to your Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Apple Watch or Airpods and get professional-quality data with easy to use equipment. FITIV also syncs with other apps to keep your data shared between the services you love.
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In-App Community

FITIV’s in-app Community can keep your members engaged! The FITIV Community gives you the option to create private workout groups for only your studio members. This helps your members encourage and communicate with one another.

  Each Community group contains a leaderboard and a feed so people can share their workouts. The group leaderboard lets users compete with one another to push themselves even further.
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Progress Tracking

What is one of the most important parts of starting a fitness journey? Accountability! It can be easy to underestimate your workout intensity. Working out in a class or studio setting can be an antidote. When you’re in the right environment it’s much easier to give it your all. Knowing that you’re being observed as well as feeling motivated by your trainers helps keep you engaged.

  How are you able to replicate that engagement at home? FITIV Pulse gives you a variety of ways to get feedback about your exercise intensity! This makes it easier to track those home workouts. See if you’re working out hard enough and giving enough effort to your workouts.
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