Introducing the new 🎉 FITIV Workout Builder 🎉 Custom interval workouts with targets based on time, heart rate, distance and more!

FITIV Pulse App Overview

Introducing the NEW FITIV Workout Builder

With the FITIV Workout Builder you can plan your workouts in advance with custom intervals and targets, or download workouts other users have created. Share your creations with your friends to help them stay active and try something new!

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Try Something New

Ready to give an interval workout a shot? You're in luck! Here are some workouts you can try right now. Tap on one of the links below on your iPhone to download an interval workout. Make sure you share your results with #fitiv so we can see your progress!

5K Intervals Run

A 5k run / walk interval workout designed to get you ready for the big race.

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Seven Minute Workout

Can you improve your fitness in only seven minutes? Try it out and see for yourself!

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Everyday Bodyweight Workout

Build functional strength with this simple, equipment-free bodyweight workout.

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