Are you ready to start using FITIV Pulse in your native language? Do you want to share FITIV with your non-English speaking friends? Fortunately this has never been closer to becoming a reality! It’s time for FITIV Pulse to hit the international scene, but we need your help.

Do you speak French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese?

Are you willing to give us feedback and corrections about our translations?

If so, give us a hand by joining the FITIV Localization Beta today!

How to join

Joining the beta testing program is very simple. To download the beta version of the app simply follow the link below on your iPhone. This will redirect you to the beta testing program TestFlight and will install the new beta version of the app for you.


The app will adapt to your iPhone’s system language if the phone is set to one of the languages we support. If your iPhone’s system language is not set to the language you would like to test you can also edit the app’s language in your iPhone’s settings by opening the SETTINGS app, tapping FITIV PULSE>LANGUAGE, and selecting the language you would like to test from the list provided.

How to give us feedback

Giving us feedback is simple. When using the localized version of the app you will see a floating translation button. If you see any errors or have any suggestions simply tap on this button to see a list of all translations in that section of the app.

From here you can give a translation a thumbs up if you think it’s accurate, give it a thumbs down if there’s a problem, suggest an alternative translation or give us other feedback.

Additional feedback or questions?

Thank you for all of your support! We hope to expand quickly to include more languages, so please keep an eye out if you would like to test for a language that is not currently being supported.

If you want more information, experience issues, or have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Email us at