Committed to unlocking new levels of personal fitness

At FITIV we believe that understanding and tracking your heart rate and health data are the keys to unlocking your potential. When you are armed with the information you need to make the most of your workouts it is easy to keep motivated and accountable. We believe that your fitness information can be simple, visual, and trackable. That’s why we’re committed to giving you all of your metrics in a style that you can understand.

How fitness trackers work

Because technology is constantly becoming cheaper, smaller and more complex as the tech industry in general invests their profits into research and development, fitness trackers are a complex and constantly evolving subset of products.

About heart rate training

When beginning a fitness journey for the first time it can be overwhelming to learn where to begin. The fitness industry is full of advice and information for people of all fitness levels, but that information can be hard to find or understand. When trying to measure and understand your own fitness and progress, there are many ways to measure your personal metrics.

About sleep tracking

With a number of new wearables and smart watches on the market boasting all-day heart rate monitoring users are finding themselves wondering about how they can get the most use out of these health-monitoring devices. They can easily track their steps, workouts, and heart rate while awake, but heart rate monitoring applications are increasingly adding sleep tracking features to their libraries of features. 

About calories

There is a lot of contradictory and confusing information out in the world about the idea of losing weight. There are diet and exercise plans based on ratios of nutrients, the timing of meals, removing entire groups of food, and many other similar trends. These plans can be effective, but they seem not to be universally loved or easy to adhere to for everyone.

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