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1.0 Introduction

The FITIV team would like to thank you for taking the time to look at the FITIV Pulse app. Our mission at FITIV is to make health and fitness tracking simple, seamless and accurate by harnessing wearables to help our users unlock their fitness goals.

In this guide you will find the following:

  • Hello from the creator of FITIV Pulse
  • Five ways FITIV Pulse unlocks your fitness
  • Pro subscription features
  • What our users are saying about FITIV Pulse
  • How to reach us for comment, interviews, etc.

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2.0 Hello from the creator

As someone who has struggled with weight ever since his childhood, I’ve spent my life searching for a permanent solution to my weight and fitness issues. As an engineer, I’ve always been interested in creating the simplest and most effective solution to any problem that comes my way. Eventually, after years of research and trial and error, I realized that the key to losing weight and maintaining it long term was biometric feedback. It was then that I set out to create an app that would give me the feedback I required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

From the start, FITIV Pulse was built to simplify in-workout tracking by displaying intensity via an innovative heart rate halo. This halo displays your intensity and current heart rate zone in real­time while motivating you to push your limits and get the most out of every workout. 

FITIV Pulse has evolved over years of listening to real user feedback, resulting in one of the most fully-featured, customizable health tracking apps available on the market. Whether you’re a fitness professional or an absolute beginner, FITIV Pulse gives you the edge you need to unlock your fitness and reach your goals.


Sylvio LeBlanc
FITIV Creator

3.0 Five ways FITIV Pulse unlocks your fitness potential


FITIV Pulse offers in-workout visuals to display your heart rate and how it relates to your fitness, your goals and your intensity. Heart rate training is one of the best tools you can use to take charge of your fitness. FITIV Pulse calculates and displays your heart rate intensity in real- time according to your personalized heart rate zones. Voice notifications give you a hands-free experience, alerting you at your pre-defined intervals so you never miss the data you need. After you’re done, FITIV’s workout summaries are optimized for comparing your workouts and taking the guesswork out of your fitness routine.


FITIV Pulse easily connects to the devices you already use to provide you with the most seamless workout experience possible. Sync up to your Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Apple Watch or Airpods and get professional-quality data with easy to use equipment. Seamless Apple Health integration means that FITIV Pulse works with the health tracking apps you already use, keeping all of your apps in sync.


Whether you’re looking to push yourself to your athletic limits or pace yourself to increase your endurance, it’s important to understand and track your workout intensity. Heart rate monitoring is one of the best ways to tailor your workout intensity for your goals, and FITIV gives you the feedback required to adjust your intensity in the moment.


Break down your workout with visual workout summaries and a variety of additional metrics. See your intensity, speed and calorie burn over time as well as your GPS routes overlaid with your heart rate. FITIV Pulse makes it easy to review your progress and assess the effectiveness of each workout.


We understand that community and accountability are the keys to staying motivated long- term, which is why FITIV Pulse is designed with connection in mind. With our beautiful sharing templates, sharing your workouts in FITIV’s Facebook community is easy. Connect with fitness enthusiasts around the world by joining the FITIV Pulse community or any of your other social media platforms.

4.0 Pro subscription features


Full Health Dashboard - Keep more data at your fingertips with a customizable health dashboard that is fully integrated with Apple Health. Sync your health metrics between apps for a seamless experience.

Heart Rate Zone Training - Customize your heart rate zones for a personalized training system that fits your goals. Optimize your workouts for intensity or endurance with one of the fitness industry’s most effective training tools.

Customizable Voice Notifications - Stay on track with our customizable, real-time audio feedback. Get the information you want when you want it.

GPS Route Tracking - Great for running or cycling, the GPS route tracking in FITIV Pulse allows you to see the intensity of your workout throughout the journey by mapping your heart rate zones in a color-coded map.

Daily Progress in Calendar View - Push yourself a little further each day and see your progress over time. With complete integration to the core Apple Health services on your devices, FITIV Pulse paints a complete picture of your fitness journey in one easy to read area.

Workout Notes and Photos - Add notes and photographs to capture details from your workouts. With personal notes and photographs there are no workout details that can’t be tracked.

Sharing Templates - Share your progress with the world using our beautiful social media ready templates. Celebrating your achievements with the fitness community has never been easier.

Apple Watch

Real-Time Workout Detail Streaming - Whether you start it on the phone or Apple Watch, FITIV Pulse lets you quickly review your workout details on any device. Mount your phone on your equipment for quick glances, or monitor your intensity with continuous feedback.

Leave the Phone at Home - No matter which generation of Apple Watch you own, FITIV Pulse was designed to work solo. Start and complete your workout on Apple Watch without having to bring your phone with you. The FITIV Pulse app for Apple Watch is fully featured, so there’s no need to compromise features for convenience.

Informative Complications - Customize your Apple Watch face with our numerous Complications that keep you informed about your daily fitness progress.

3rd Party Integrations

FITIV Pulse is dedicated to using technology that gives athletes an edge, which is why we seamlessly connect with gear from your favorite fitness brands including:

In our mission to keep athletes connected we have made sure to connect to the apps our users love. Keep your data in sync with fitness favorites like:




5.0 What our users are saying

FITIV’s user base of fitness enthusiasts has been instrumental in spreading the word and expanding our community. The key to our success has been connecting with our users and listening to their suggestions, which has led to becoming a top heart rate monitoring app in the App Store. Read through over 2,700 reviews with an average 4.6 star rating to learn more about why we’ve become a fitness app favorite.

Here are just some of the great stories we’ve heard from our users.
*rating stats are from international reviews in the iTunes App store

The Best Workout app just got Much Better!

 | by Tim in HTown | Oct 18, 2017

Watching, and being allowed to participate through feedback in, the redevelopment of an already fantastic app has been amazing. Imagine companies understanding that customer feedback is the key to evolution and that’s exactly what you are seeing here. I’ve never enjoyed an app more and never felt I’ve received this much value in software. A fantastic app supported by a fantastic team!

The real deal

 | by Igotbase | Nov 15, 2017

This app has everything you could need to make your workouts better. It has the ability to stream data from Apple Watch and hr monitor. It talks and lets your know how are you doing. The app looks good !! No real bugs The FITIV group on Facebook is most helpful with any issues you may come across.we all share our workouts to keep people motivated. They update the app often. (Once a month maybe less) The only drag is this is a yearly/ monthly subscription service. However, I don’t seem to mind with all the information that is being provided. This is a great app

Perfect perfect perfect app for Apple Watch users!

 | by ralf_rottmann | Sept 30, 2017

I’ve tried many fitness apps and have been a Runtastic Pro user for a long time. Unfortunately, nobody gets Apple Watch right. Runtastic? Broke it very recently. Nike+ Run Club? No heart rate zone support. FITIV? Awesome! FITIV does everything right. Perfect for indoor workouts (e.g. Ellipticals etc.) and outdoor activities. Superb support for Apple Watch including fully customizable heart rate zone monitoring with haptic notifications. I’d buy this all even if it would cost 99 Euros! Lovin’ it. Keep up the awesome work!

Compete Within

 | by TobinBridge | Aug 12, 2017

It’s a great fitness app. I use it for hockey, spinning, x-fit, and HIIT workouts. You track your results (max heart rate, calories burned, intensity levels (hardcore, endurance, fitness, redline) and then you can use it to compare to your personal best. Great way to challenge yourself. And lots more to this app as well. Perfect

6.0 - How to reach us

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Thanks from the FITIV team

Thank you for taking the time to read about FITIV Pulse. We hope you take the opportunity to test our app.

Check out our FITIV Facebook group to get to know our FITIV community. We would be honored to see you share your story and motivate our users with details about your own personal fitness journey.

The FITIV Team

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