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FITIV Wants to Help You Stay Fit

In light of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 and the temporary closures of gyms and workout facilities worldwide FITIV is working to provide you with alternatives to stay home and stay fit.


We understand the value of your fitness routine and want to help our users keep on track in the face of uncertainty. By tracking at-home workouts with FITIV Pulse there is no need to let quarantines derail your health and fitness progress.

For starters, FITIV has partnered with Peak Fitness to help our users stay active. Check out this great YouTube video playlist for at-home workout ideas.

Peak Fitness Home Workouts

We will be making further announcements regarding at home workouts and other ways you can stay fit at home so please follow FITIV Pulse on social media for updates and ideas to help you keep fit.


Looking For More Home Workout Ideas?

Check out our Blog for tips on how you can keep fit at home.

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